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See our plethora of pearl earring colors and designs along with our newest deisgns in the classic freshwater pearl necklace. Buy and feel comfortable knowing that our firm stands behind our clients 100% offering every type of guarantee we can offer.

Welcome to Boles-Ingenito, Ltd. - 80-85% off Retail

Boles-Ingenito Ltd. pearl jewelry and diamonds are reserved for the finest occasions. Each piece of pearl jewelry is shipped directly for our clients. We handpick only the finest for our collections, and employ the finest craftsmen with unsurpassed creativity and materials. The result is paramount - a piece of pearl jewelry that was crafted and imported specifically for you passing the very highest standards of quality.

Discover our pearl earring and freshwater pearl designs along with our diamond jewelry and akoya pearl jewelry and know that any purchase comes with every assurance we can offer:

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    3. Enrolment in The
Pearl Exchange Program
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Our Pearl Exchange Program
Ready to show off something new?  Face it, certain clothes only work with certain seasons and the same is definitely true with pearls. Buy any Boles-Ingenito Ltd. piece of pearl jewelry, freshwater pearl necklaces or cultured pearl necklaces, and trade it in at any time for a new many times as you want. ( more info ).

See our Freshwater Pearl Necklace Sale here.
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Our Strategy: International Quality for Our Clients
Through our extensive network of pearl farms in Asia and other regions, we are able to deliver the highest quality freshwater pearl necklace and akoya pearl necklace designs at lower prices than hundreds of competitors, cutting out the middleman and offering superior, customized client service.

Still unsure? Try our pearls today and risk nothing with our automatic 90 day no hassle return policy.

Luxury Pearl Jewelry & Exquisite Diamonds  |  Excellence & Value       Weekly Special: $13 Pearl Earrings!

Boles-Ingenito Ltd. freshwater pearl necklace, akoya pearl necklace, signature cultured pearl necklace, and pearl earring styles are the exclusive work of superior craftsmen and finest materials on the market. All of our products are customized to the utmost detail for our firm and our clients based onn market trends and the current fashion industry.

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Our Philanthropy Efforts in Children's Charities
Boles-Ingenito Ltd. donates funds and toys to several charities and organizations to reinforce and help our communities support their children including the Meds for Kids Fund, the Arlington Children's Theatre, and the Nelson Food Pantry.

Nelson Food Pantry
Arlington Children's Theatre
Rural Health Outreach Program

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces and Akoya Pearl Necklaces   - 80-85% off Retail - Freshwater pearls and akoya pearls imported just for our clients.  Our Code of Ethics