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Our pearl earrings are available in a myriad of gorgeous colors including Chocolate, White, Pink, and Lavender.

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This Week's Bargain: $13.00! 7-8mm Cultured Pearl Earrings!

This week only, we're offering our Sterling Silver Post Pearl Earrings for 50% off our usual price (that's ~86% off retail). Come try our products risk free, and now own stunning 7-8mm pearl earrings for only $13!

Earring Color Options - Just $13!

No tricks, no hassles, just gorgeous, silver lustrous pearl earrings for you or a loved one for just $13 in a gorgeous case. These come with the usual 90 day money back guarantee, exchange program, and 4.0x price to appraisal guarantee. Don't wait - try us today!

High quality but still cheap pearl earrings for our clients. Stunning luster captured on a Sterling Silver 925 post in pink pearls, white pearls, and black pearls. Order now!

Excellence and Value | $13 Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings - CLOSEOUT

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