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Our akoya pearl necklaces are made internationally for our customers by our craftsmen using the highest quality akoya pearls and allowing us to showcase some of the finest pearl earrings.
Freshwater Pearls - Pearls grown in freshwater and often contain more nacre than most of their pearl cousins. This means that they have a higher luster than most pearls and are therefore used in freshwater pearl necklace designs. Though generally similar in appearance to saltwater pearls, they are less expensive because they are grown in mussels that can produce many times the amount that saltwater oysters can.

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Our pearl earrings are shipped Internationally for our clients.

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18 inch Saltwater Pearl Necklace
Choose from our stunning 7-8mm size or be even more extravagant above 8 or 9mm. The choice is yours, but the quality is always unmatched. 

7-8 mm
8-9 mm
9-10 mm


Still unsure which saltwater or freshwater pearl necklace to choose? Visit our Pearl Education Section

$  252.00
$  725.00

We offer 8 primary akoya pearl necklace styles as listed here which include our high luster white pearl necklaces to pink and white alternating pearl necklaces. If you prefer a customized strand other than our collection here, contact us and our craftsmen can specially create a set with freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls that is right for you. Be sure to also review our pearl earrings, freshwater pearl necklaces, or 54 inch freshwater pearl necklace styles as well to match your new pearl necklace.

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