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Our pearl earrings are available in a myriad of gorgeous colors including Chocolate, White, Pink, and Lavender.

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One of a Kind: The Pearl Exchange Program
As a premier jewelry company, we strive to look for revolutionary ideas for our clients, and the Pearl Exchange Program is not exception. Let's face it, certain colors and styles of clothes only work with certain seasons and the same is definitely true with pearls.

Unfortunately, it can be expensive to have a strand for each season. With the Pearl Exchange Program, we allow you to mail in your old Boles-Ingenito Ltd. pearl necklace, pick a new color, pay a $15 exchange fee, and move on with the many times as you want.

Ready to show off something new? Download, complete, and send in with your old Boles-Ingenito Ltd. necklace today.

Pearl Exchange Form - Download HERE

Choose between Freshwater Pearl Necklace styles in Pink, White, Silver, or even Chocolate.

Also be sure to visit our pearl education page to learn more about which pearls best fit your style and image.
The Pearl Exchange Program is a revolutionary way for our clients to have our freshwater pearl necklace styles without having to buy multiple pairs. Additionally, our pearl jewelry is guaranteed to appraise for at least 4.0x the price you pay at Boles-Ingenito Ltd.

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